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On the search for wisdom more precious than gold. Platitudes about God just don‘t cut it anymore. Plain talk about God, and life with Him, in understandable language whether you believe in God, feel like you know Him well, or not. New episodes Mondays and Thursdays beginning January 13, 2022.

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Monday May 16, 2022

The prayer Jesus taught ends with "Father, Your will be done on earth as in heaven." What does this mean? Recommended song prayer: WE COME BEFORE YOUR THRONE 

Wednesday May 11, 2022

Paradoxically, when you make God your boss and put yourself under His leadership--serving Him and His plan--you are set free. Recommended song prayer: FREEDOM COMES FROM YOU

Monday May 09, 2022

An easy way to catapult your prayer life and anchor your day--no matter what.  Recommended song prayer: STILL https://youtu.be/TIceIi45tAE audio devotion by Elizabeth Fulgaro copyright 2022  produced at The Creation Lab, Turlock, CA photography by Abby Valiant Photography, www.abbyvaliant.com sponsored by Eagles Nest Foundation, Inc. www.eaglesnestfoundation.org

Friday May 06, 2022

God cannot be fully contained by human conceptualizations. He is more. He will show you.  Recommended song prayer by Elizabeth Fulgaro: You Are https://youtu.be/iw_4vcRTQIM

Monday May 02, 2022

You are a holder of God's flame. The candle. The wick consumed by awe of God.  Recommended accompanying song prayer: All Honor and Glory and Blessing 

Monday Apr 04, 2022

When you choose to try to listen for Holy Spirit's voice, what happens if you hear Him wrong? Remember, you are God's toddler.

Thursday Mar 31, 2022

Why do children skip? More essentially, why do adults stop? And how does this link to God's place in your life?

Monday Mar 28, 2022

What does Jesus look like? He looks like the image of God. No matter what you look like, He wants to reveal His image through  you, too.

Thursday Mar 24, 2022

Life is passing quickly like a wildflower. Live intentionally right now.

Monday Mar 21, 2022

A prophetic word from Holy Spirit regarding how He wants to be there for you--especially when you hurt or life is hard.


Discovering God

Though raised to have faith in God, I didn't always believe He was real. Once I found God again--I mean really found Him personally in a way I didn't know possible, I needed greater understanding. Beyond platitudes and quick biblical quips. Who was Jesus really and what do you really need to know about Him to have a thriving life. I grew up near the heritage of California goldfields.... Hundreds of thousands came for solutions to life's woes. But they died... What if there is something more lasting and thus more important? I think there is. Let's explore together. Each episode concludes with Bible verses and a song prayer recommendation. Meanwhile, praying for you on your journey! 

~ Elizabeth Fulgaro

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